Pilot Programme Ireland

This is the some of information we'll gather in preparing the pilot workshop with the selected community. The AIA look for it at application stage (Stage 1) but we're learning so we'll work it through together.

Project title

The name of the community and a short project title which captures the issue.

Contact person

Name, address, phone numbers (work, home, and mobile) and email address.

Issues to be addressed through the Framework programme

Description of the proposed study area. Nature and scope of the issues you wish to address and why they are critical to your community. Describe how these issues relate to development concerns at the neighbourhood, municipal, and regional scale. Barriers faced by the community in tackling issues and agreeing solutions (physical, political, social, economic). Tell us about any past attempts that have failed to resolve community issues. Include as much graphic material as necessary to describe existing conditions. Include maps.

Objective of the Framework programme

State what you hope the Framework programme will help you achieve and how this process fits within other community planning and development efforts. Try not to repeat the problem outlined in 4.

Outline budget and funding sources to deliver the public workshop (stage 3)

These should be diverse, demonstrating buy-in across the community e.g. donations from local businesses, clubs and neighbourhood associations, in-kind contributions, local authority support etc.

Outline budget and funding sources to deliver the workshop recommendations (stage 4)

A key pilot outcome will be to put a structure around longer term funding. For this application, identify previous community initiatives which have secured financial support and outline the funding secured and the source.

Timetable for the site visit

Identify target dates for the site visit that suit your steering group members. Bear in mind that it takes time between approval of the application and the team visit.

List of steering committee members

Provide home and business addresses, telephone and e-mail contact details. Try and ensure that your steering committee represents all of your community, not just a few select groups. Both public and private sectors should be represented. A key outcome of the pilot will be to expand the steering group if necessary and to show how the group will organise into subcommittees to plan and carry out the Framework programme, including the follow-up visit and implementation activities.

Student resources

Identify possible participating architecture and design schools contact details.

Communications and media plan

An outline of how the community will promote the programme locally, the communication channels available and possible ways to generate media coverage. Include examples of media coverage generated by the community in the past.