Pilot Programme Ireland

The purpose of the Framework pilot is to adapt the Design Assistance programme to the Irish context.

The process is guided by the AIA Centre for Communities by Design and follows the AIA programme stages.

Step 1


April 2016: Website launches with call for a community partner.

May-July 2017: Five groups apply; selected group withdraws as unable to meet project criteria.

August 2017: Call re-activated.

September 2016: Dublin Town apply successfully for ‘Dublin One’ pilot.

Step 2


October 2016: Programme and partner responsibilities agreed; Dublin Town – event management, communications, community steering group. City Architects – liaison with AIA, co-ordination of detailed design brief and ‘shadow’ design assistance team. Weekly project meetings held from October 2016 to March 2017.

November 2016: Dublin Town finalise community steering group.

January 2017: AIA finalise Design Assistance Team. Community event dates agreed.

February 2017: ‘Shadow’ team finalised. Design brief issued. Public event promoted and invites issued for key stakeholder focus meetings.

Step 3

Public Workshop

Community Event 9th – 13th March 2017.

9th March 2017: AIA and European Shadow Design Assistance Team members arrive; ‘meet and greet’ for design team members, community steering group, Dublin Town and DCC in Blas Café.

10th March 2017: Formal overview briefing and site tour of Dublin One project area; ‘Economic’ and ‘Social’ stakeholder focus meetings in Wood Quay Venue; public event Gresham Hotel.

11th March 2017: ‘Cultural’ and ‘Environmental’ stakeholder focus meetings in Wood Quay Venue; studio work Dublin Town office – design team divides into groups led by AIA members.

12th March 2017: Studio work – design proposals finalised.

13th March 2017: Studio work – ‘Reimagining Dublin One’ report finalised; presented to Lord Mayor and public in Gresham Hotel.

Step 4


24th March 2017: ‘Shadow’ design assistance team feedback meeting.

4th April 2017: ‘Reimagining Dublin One’ presentation to DCC Senior Management Team. Central Area Office assigned to co-ordinate DCC led initiatives.

6th April 2017: Dublin Town hold first community implementation group meeting.

2nd–4th June 2017: Bloom Fringe Festival held in Wolfe Tone Park.

Step 5


2018: AIA and European counterparts will be invited to review progress. City Architects and AIA will assess whether the Framework programme should continue.