Pilot Programme ReImagine Dublin One


  • Reimagine the area so that it regains its status as one of Dublin’s premier residential and retail urban quarters, while retaining its unique character and authentic experience. The district is not new. Dubliners have expectations for the area, some of which may belong to a bygone age and some of which have resonance for the future, so it will be important for us to take the people of Dublin on the journey with us.
  • Be a catalyst for bringing different stakeholders together who are the primary agents of change.
  • Enhance the quality of life for existing residents and therefore people working and visiting.
  • Increase high quality employment opportunities and create a resilient and prosperous retail and commercial destination for the 21st century.
  • Create a model of urban regeneration that can be replicated to future proof and ensure the economic viability of other parts of the city – socially inclusive, ethnically diverse and universally accessible.
  • Enable the AIA team to bring fresh insights and solutions.